“Gangsei’s tapestry, Burning Bush, immediately struck me as exceptional. Not only is it a visually beautiful piece through its coherent unity of design and color, itself remarkable within its textile medium, it is also a very impressive and complex presentation of the biblical reference to Moses’ burning bush.’’

- Jim Kane

My Personal and Artistic Journey

The past 20 years of my life have been about healing. Not about finding a cure for a “disease”, but about finding renewal/wholeness in the middle of disease.  My husband had Parkinson’s disease for 13 years and we searched ways of improving his quality of life despite his Parkinson’s. After his death I was broken and exhausted by years of caregiving. I have worked for the past 5 years to build a new life and regain my health. Now in our world of divisiveness and physical/emotional violence, I search for ways to heal our society and world.

In the beginning my work was spiritual. I returned to my Christian tradition and wove tapestries that told universal and biblical stories. Weaving these helped me make sense of my world of brokenness and pain. I found I had the ability to capture the essence of a story in an image. And weaving became a way I meditated and found refuge in an overwhelming world.

Now I have moved into more nature based and symbolic images. As my images developed, I also found I was drawn to round and circular shapes that had a yin and yang to them. This expressed that our lives are complex, made of dark and light, pain and pleasure, easy and hard. Circles were a way to express paradox and wholeness at the same time.

I have been creating tapestries for over 15 years. I started weaving and found that I enjoyed designing the tapestry as much, if not more, than I did the weaving. The stories became a creative way for me to share the essence of what was going on in my life. The process of weaving is meditative for me and something that brings calm and perspective back in to my life when circumstances seem overwhelming.