My tapestries tell stories about my life that are universal to human kind. They tell of life challenges that are over come. They illustrate loss and unexpected gifts. They talk about creation and re-creation that comes from grace.

Designing and weaving tapestries became my way of navigating my journey with my husband's Parkinson's. My art became my refuge while I was his caregiver and was my voice through the dark and joyous journey.

Everyone has a story. Your story may be about a life transition. Your story may be about a special event that shaped your life. Your story may be a metaphor that shares something unique about yourself.

What are the images of your stories? What would you share with others?

“Gangsei’s tapestry, Burning Bush, immediately struck me as exceptional. Not only is it a visually beautiful piece through its coherent unity of design and color, itself remarkable within its textile medium, it is also a very impressive and complex presentation of the biblical reference to Moses’ burning bush.’’

- Jim Kane

Tapestries are available for sale or exhibits. Open to commissions as well. Go to Contact page to inquire.

       Tapestries are available for sale and exhibits.

       Open to commissions. Go to contact page.