As an Artist

My tapestries tell stories. They start out telling a story about my life and end up telling a story about human kind. As life has presented me with challenges, my weaving has told my story through universal and biblical stories.

My husband had Parkinson’s Disease and I was given the role of caregiver. The Burning Bush tapestry tells of my conversation with God. Just like Moses did not want to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, I did not want to be a caregiver. 

Jacob and the Angel is a tapestry that tells the story of both the wounds and the blessings of my new role. Jacob was wounded in his hip, yet blessed by God by making Jacob the father of Israel. I lost my life as I knew it, yet gained a new life as an artist. Seal Skin, Soul Skin is about about the need to renew myself.

I have been creating tapestries for over 15 years. I started weaving and found that I enjoyed designing the tapestry as much, if not more, than I did the weaving. The stories became a creative way for me to share the essence of what was going on in my life. The process of weaving is meditative for me and something that brings calm and perspective back in to my life when circumstances seem overwhelming.

My new series is about shoes. Shoes carry us through life. The shoes we wear tell much about what is important to us. The shoes in your closet have stories to tell about where you have been. The tapestry on my loom right now is an image of my hiking boots, representing a new part of my life connecting me with friends who are important to me today.

As an Audience Engagement Guide for Museum Sage

I am a guide for Museum Sage, an audience engagement program that brings new visitors to an art exhibit or gallery.

Museum Sage is a game that invites people to ask a question about their lives and receive insight from a work of art. Through a random process a visitor picks a piece of art and with the help of a guide or an app, the visitor has a dialogue with that piece of art regarding their personal question. They deeply connect with “their” art piece and their inner sage … and with others if done with a partner or small group.

Check out for more information. Read stories of those who have experienced Museum Sage. Learn about the history of the process and more about the neuroscience of how art rewards the brain.

As an Author

I am an author and speaker on family caregiving. During my time as caregiver for my husband, I collected stories – stories from other caregivers and people living with Parkinson’s Disease.

My first book is The Light in the Middle of the Tunnel: Harrowing but Hopeful Stories of Parkinson’s Family Caregivers, a “let-others-help-you” book in which caregivers share their distressing, sometimes overwhelming feelings – and their hard-won self-care skills and wisdom.

Stuck With It, Not In It: Redefining Life with Parkinson’s Disease is my second book. It is a collection of stories that tell how people faced the disease, stared it down and found new ways of going forward. They refocused and redefined their purpose in life.

I stay connected with the Parkinson’s community in MN as well as nationally. I have presented to numerous Parkinson’s conference and events.

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2018                                                                                                                                   Unity Unitarian Church, St. Paul, MN                                                                          Telling Our Stories with Tapestry, November 1 - November 28   

Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN                                                                                     Telling Our Stories with Tapestry, January 22 - March 21                                      Solo show   

Sower Gallery, Chaska, MN                                                                                            Women's Voices, April 16 - May 31                                                                             Seal Skin, Soul Skin and Germain Greer                                                            Artist-in-Residency and Exhibitor 

2017                                                                                                                           Sower Gallery, Chaska, MN                                                                                       The Spirit Show, June 15 - September 15                                                            Sower and SeedBurning Bush

Norway House, Minneapolis, MN
American Reboot: Traditional Norwegian Weaving, July 20 - September 8
Seal Skin, Soul Skin

Sower Gallery, 
Chaska, MN 
The Water Show, April 17 - May 27 

Minneapolis Catholic Basilica, Minneapolis, MN
Prodigal Son

Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN
Prodigal SonBurning BushCreationSeal Skin, Soul Skin

Commissioned by Luther Seminary to do the Prodigal Son tapestry for their Prodigal Son art collection.

Nina Bliese Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
Lake series

Vesterheim, Norwegian American Heritage Museum, Decorah, IA
National Exhibition of Folk-Art in the Norwegian Tradition


Vesterheim, Norwegian American Heritage Museum, Decorah, IA
National Exhibition of Folk-Art in the Norwegian Tradition
Slaying Your Dragon earned a blue ribbon and People’s Choice awards


M.A. Industrial Relations, University of MN, 1980

M.B.A., George Washington University and University of St. Thomas, 1997.